Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sometime Last Week's Challenge

Sometime Last Week's Challenge(a.k.a. "Time flies when you're unemployed"):
Creating a Meaningful Birthday Present:

My dear, dear friend Gavin had a birthday on monday. Happy birthday Gavalanche! Ordinarily I would just buy some weed for Gavin and we'd all be happy in that situation, but this year I decided to do something a little more *touching* if you will.. I got a little sentimental, and was going through pictures when I came across a file of photographs I thought were long gone! These pictures were of a cat Gavin had a few years ago when we were both living in Santa Barbara. This was no ordinary cat, this cat changed Gavin's life in a total disney meets lifetime movie of the week way.

Gavin was back home when he saw a cat get hit (?) or nearly hit and then it ran under a car and hid. Gavin, being the stand-up dude that he is, got out of his car and coaxed the cat out and took it to the vet. The vet basically said, "Congratulations! You have a cat!" and Gav, was Not a cat guy, never have been, never will be. But we all know where this is going.. Gavin took this seriously gross looking cat home and nursed it back to health. The cat's eye was dead, and I remember at first we thought that eye was totally missing. Oh! and one time! it was so gross, but Gavin made me go to his house and put drops in this cat's gaping, oozing eye-hole..and yet another time Gavin asked me to cat-sit and I totally forgot and Gavin told me the cat died. Such a bastard. Anyway, this cat turned out to be gorgeous and sweet and Gavin fell head over heels in love with her..and then he took her to get groomed and got her the "lion" cut and that's when we found out, she was a he.

Sadly, "Hemi" ran away at some point and did not come back. Luckily I had taken a few pictures of Hemi that I promised to send to Gavin and I never did. I thought they were lost forever! So, I had prints made of the Hemi pictures and a couple other bff pictures of us and put them in an album. But albums are ugly, so I decided to decoupage a plain old photo album..the problem was that I had made a recycling run and had ABSOLUTELY ZERO magazines in the house. Until I remembered my dad and I had cleaned out a cupboard and found old nudie mags belonging to my oldest brother. Lovely! And perfect for a manly photo album.

I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of doing something dainty like decoupage, but cutting out massive penises and tons of breasts. I made a whole birthday package out of different things, bible memory cards, coffee card that said "drink me," ...something that said "smoke me," and I had one photo of us blown up and framed. I love this picture so much! It really sums up the years we spent together in his apartment, probably stoned, me listening to him playing guitar, and happy just to be hanging out together. I love you Gav, you're my platonic husband for life.

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